Valuation of patent rights is one of the main activities related to intellectual property management within an organization or company. Indeed, knowing the economic value and importance of the intellectual property rights assists in the strategic decisions to be taken on the company's assets, but also facilitates the commercialization and transactions concerning intellectual property rights.

Start by evaluating your rights

When you want to set a price for IP rights, you should always obtain a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the rights that you want to trade.You can use the IP Evaluation tool provided by Danish Patent and Trademark Office, which you can use to evaluate patents, trademarks and designs when you want to trade. IP Evaluation tool helps you find the right argument for reductions and increases in price when you trade rights. IP Evaluation is free to use and gives you a report which describes the value of your right via a score, and gives you an overview of where you can best increase the value of your rights.You can access IP Evaluation tool by clicking this button IP Evaluation tool

Patent valuation methods - Different approaches of patent valuation are used by companies and organizations.These approaches are divided in two categories: the quantitative and qualitative valuation.

CIPC recommends that buyers and sellers seek professional advise before concluding an agreement.List of registered patent attorneys and advisors is accessible here.

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From the 18th of November 2013, sellers and buyers will be able to meet and exchange information on tradable IP rights.