Patented intellectual rights are those that have been registered with CIPC. Non-patented rights are defined as ideas and innovations that are not registered at CIPC.

  1. Patented rights will normally be publicly protected by way of an official patent number. Please provide that number in the relevant field. The buyer can confirm in the patent search database at CIPC the validity and/or status of that IP right. Click here to access the Patent Database.
  2. Ideas & Innovations are privately held intellectual property rights. This could be a business plan, a concept, etc...

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  5. A listed advert will be available to public for a period of 3 months on the site, unless withdrawn by applicant.
  6. When a potential buyer,franchisee or licensee has found an item of interest, they will contact the IP owner concerned directly using the contact details provided on the IP trade portal.
  7. CIPC recommends that professional advice is sought before concluding any agreement.Click here to access the list of registered patent attorneys.
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From the 18th of November 2013, sellers and buyers will be able to meet and exchange information on tradable IP rights.