General Terms & Conditions for CIPC e-services

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Use of personal information

If you submit personal information - name, address and e-mail address - we will only use it in connection with services requested by you, payment forms etc. and for internal statistical purposes.


Searching on the CIPC IP Trade Portal takes place as regular open internet traffic. There is no encryption. This is also the case with searches in the Patent Search. A secure and encrypted connection is in operation when entering confidential data, e.g. filing applications or making payments.


Visiting and using the CIPC IP Trade Portal is anonymous. Data is only registered in the event that you sign up for any one of the services or use our electronic application forms etc. No personal information is passed on or sold to other parties, but some other kinds of data are open to public inspection. See more on this in the paragraph above: Confidentiality and Documents open to public inspection.

- Data provided when requesting services

Such data is only used for delivering requested services, and for internal statistical purposes.

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From the 18th of November 2013, sellers and buyers will be able to meet and exchange information on tradable IP rights.